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Honor your Body

It is the one thing you have for the entirety of your life, yet you may be either working it too hard or not enough. At Rise Up, we've made it our mission to strike a balance. We offer Physical Therapy, private or group Yoga, and sport-specific cross-training all geared to educate and support your current movement practice. There is no hierarchy of beginner to advanced-- just you and your movement goals.

Whether you are injured looking for private Physical Therapy, a group of co-workers sweating together, or an individual on a quest to delve into your yoga practice, this is where you will find research-based, hands-on movement education that will inspire you to know and give your body what it needs.




Rise Up is the brainchild of Jenn Mon. A native of Southern California, she discovered early on the need to lay bridges between western healthcare and the eastern approach to wellness. Where most of her family works in medicine, Jenn found her passion was rooted in all things movement. Jenn received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California and, since then, has worked with people from all backgrounds ranging from newborns to elite athletes to seniors.
In her time away from the clinic, Jenn teaches yoga. Her style is rooted in Power Vinyasa and progressed into Sculpt for students looking for higher intensity. She and her husband, Toru, live in South Los Angeles with their two Pitbulls, Cookie and Roxy.

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