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I love a lot of things about Adho Mukha Svasana (aka Downward Facing Dog) to the point where I think


Getting anywhere besides home and work can be difficult in this commuter city. Rise Up takes an eclectic approach by coming to you: If you have access to a gym or large room at your office, private or group sessions can be arranged for a travel fee. Gather your co-workers together. Chat with your workout buddies. If you all have a movement need, we can meet you where you are and provide on-site care. That means group classes, individual sessions, and phone consults all within reach. No time-consuming commutes, no long lobby wait, and no wasted energy.



Evoke Yoga is the primary home for Rise Up PT. Both private and semi-private sessions are available. Pilates-based movement re-education takes place on several choices of apparatus. Larger groups seeking Yoga or cross-training can be scheduled in classrooms housing up to 40 students.

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